EU proposes deploying ‘border protection’ force into member nations WITHOUT their consent

EU proposes deploying ‘border protection’ force into member nations WITHOUT their consent
Soldiers build a fence at the border of Macedonia and Greece. (Image: EPA via

[Ed. – Leftist mantra: NEVER let a crisis go to waste.]

The European Commission wants to be able to deploy personnel from a new European Border and Coastguard Agency without, as currently required, the consent of the state concerned, EU officials told Reuters in early December, reflecting frustration with Greek reluctance to seek help with migrants.

European Union officials call it a largely theoretical “nuclear option” and stress that any infringement of national sovereignty would be balanced by the power of a majority of member states to block Commission intervention – similar to checks agreed during the euro debt crisis.

The Commission will set out the plan on Tuesday to reinforce its Frontex agency with up to six times more staff, EU officials said, following a commitment to an EU border guard in September by President Jean-Claude Juncker. …

But while big powers France and Germany support such EU power, other EU leaders may voice concerns at a summit on Thursday. Italy has pushed for a “Europeanisation” of external frontiers to relieve the costs on itself and Greece of policing the Mediterranean. But the plan may go too far for many leaders.

“This idea will face opposition from most member states,” one EU diplomat said. “We believe such a solution would interfere too deeply in member states’ internal competences.”

“The Commission is testing our limits,” said another.

He compared it to the Commission’s push to oblige states to take in mandatory quotas of asylum seekers, which set furious east Europeans against German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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