Trump’s a ‘Know Nothing’; his supporters are ‘goon surrogates’

Trump’s a ‘Know Nothing’; his supporters are ‘goon surrogates’

[Ed. – I think that’s what she’s saying with the “goon surrogates” reference.  Can’t really tell.  What exactly IS a “goon surrogate”?  And once more: I’m not a Trump supporter myself.  But it’s documentable that more than 50% of the damning allegations about him are misrepresentations of what he has actually said.  A conservative pundit has a special obligation to recognize that, because it’s the truth.  I’ve never seen so many sissy-pants conservatives running around in circles like chickens with their heads cut off.]

But if Trump wins the nomination and runs as a Republican, we’ll have Democrats like Clinton in the White House for the next 50 years.

Trump actually is leading a modern-day “Know Nothing” movement. His anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim hatemongering are at least out of the 1850s if not the Middle Ages, and it has no place in today’s Republican Party. His ideas are usually unconstitutional, un-American or un-conservative — and very often an alarming hat trick of all three. Whatever group he claims to represent should have to embrace his dimwitted and divisive proposals without the imprimatur of the Republican Party or the conservative movement. And Republicans shouldn’t have to defend religious tests, internment camps or Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback” just because Trump and his goon surrogates do.

Democrats are convincingly using Trump to paint the entire Republican Party as racist, xenophobic and misogynistic. The damage Trump has already done to the Republican brand is immeasurable. A Republican nomination would be disastrous for years to come.

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