O-care Medicaid expansion in California siphons funds away from developmentally disabled

O-care Medicaid expansion in California siphons funds away from developmentally disabled

[Ed. – Of course it does.  This kind of consequence is a Jerry Brown specialty, incidentally.  But the author is wrong to criticize healthy adults for flocking to Medicaid when Obamacare is precisely what has made paid “health insurance” plans unaffordable for them.  If you want to criticize someone, criticize the Democrats whose deliberate policies have left so many people with ONLY undesirable alternatives.]

Medicaid expansion has blown a billion dollar hole in California’s budget and now cuts are inevitable, cuts that will hurt those with developmental disabilities.

The Arc of Alameda County, a non-profit that offers “programs and services for people with developmental disabilities” is one of the latest victims of the strained budget, reports NPR. The Arc runs a work center in Union City, California, that allows people with developmental disabilities to have a part-time job and socialize with other people in a safe and productive environment. Michael Palone is one of those people, an autistic man of 26 whose disease “makes it nearly impossible for him to socialize with others and adjust to the constant changes of a full-time job.” But he is able to work at the Arc with roughly 40 other developmentally disabled people.

The services at the work center have drastically improved Michael’s life.

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Before joining the work activity center, Palone mostly stayed at home, in his room, playing computer games all day. He couldn’t complete simple tasks like doing his laundry without his mother’s help. But since he joined The Arc two years ago, his mother, Rosemary, said that the change in his behavior has been remarkable.

“When I first found out how good the program was for him, it made me cry,” she said. …

Thanks to the expansion-amplified budget crisis, California may not be able to keep the needed money flowing into groups like this which provide critical services to the disabled.

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