New poll: Support for ‘assault weapons’ ban down to lowest in 20 years

New poll: Support for ‘assault weapons’ ban down to lowest in 20 years
June 1992: Reagan wrangles a Colt Sporter AR-15 given to him by representatives of the American Shooting Sports Council during their visit to Rancho del Cielo. Reagan was 81. (Image: Richard Feldman, ASSC.

[Ed. – For some reason, this surprises the MSM.  The president is almost certainly importing terrorists into the country (deliberately or otherwise isn’t the point); of course the people increasingly oppose banning the weapons they may need to defend themselves with.]

Something I forgot to mention in my previous post about the NYT/CBS News poll showing terrorism fears reaching levels not seen since the immediate weeks after the 9/11 attacks–Americans are also not really getting behind the president’s renewed call for a ban on assault rifles. Only 44 percent of Americans support the position, 50 percent oppose it. …

This is the first time in 20 years that more Americans oppose this anti-gun position. … 57 percent of Americans feel that guns prevent crime, and 56 percent say more concealed carry holders makes us safer.

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