Former aides: At State, Hillary mainly promoted Clinton ‘charities’

Former aides: At State, Hillary mainly promoted Clinton ‘charities’

[Ed. – Summary from Murdock: “As America’s top diplomat, she mainly promoted the Clintons’ private charities.”]

[Edward Klein’s] Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary cites three of her former State Department colleagues who saw Clinton weave her diplomatic duties with her financial interests in the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. They also report that Clinton let her foreign-policy responsibilities take a back seat to her presidential ambitions. These three sources insisted on anonymity. …

One Foreign Service officer with more than two decades at State found Clinton — to be diplomatic — distracted.

“In 2012, her priorities were first, raising money for her presidential run; second, raising money for the Clinton Foundation; and third, tending to the business of foreign policy,” the FSO said. Clinton “had to meet with foreign ministers and other dignitaries, but those meetings seemed rushed and pro forma,” the FSO added. “Her real passions were the Clinton Foundation and talking to political strategists like John Podesta, James Carville, Paul Begala, and others. She met in her seventh-floor office with political bundlers, and she had long conversations on strategy with Bill.”

“In my time at State, I never saw a secretary so disconnected from her job,” the FSO continued. “She seemed to consider the running of U.S. foreign policy a side job. She was focused on getting the big job — the White House. Everything was about keeping information about her campaign plans from leaking back to the Obama White House. She didn’t trust anybody but her small inner circle. She was completely paranoid, whispering, covering her mouth in case somebody could read lips.”

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