Sorry doesn’t cut it, Rahm — but your resignation might

Don’t let “big talk” Rahm fool you. This is a mayor on the ropes yet again, but he’s sure to return to his old ways.

Emanuel’s police accountability speech wasn’t the clear roadmap to reform that demonstrators have demanded. It wasn’t even a fully-voiced admission of how he’s failed to address corruption in the Chicago Police Department. The moment marked an otherwise insolent, stubborn mayor fighting for his political life, saying anything he has to say to drown out the calls for his resignation.

It recalls a similar moment from just nine months ago: Chicagoans saw Emanuel’s so-called softer side, but only after voters sent him to a runoff. As all signs pointed to a real risk of defeat, someone from the campaign likely gave the boss a nudge: “Start trying to show authenticity, or start packing your office.”

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