Activist group sues California town, demanding higher-density housing

Activist group sues California town, demanding higher-density housing
High density/public good, Bay Area style. (Image: SF Chronicle, Brant Ward)

[Ed. – The only fertility crisis the left doesn’t have is in ideas for weaponizing government against the people.]

On Tuesday, a San Francisco activist named Sonja Trauss took Furman’s argument to the streets, filing a lawsuit in Contra Costa County, Calif., to fight what she sees as a lost opportunity to build more housing.

Trauss’s organization, the San Francisco Bay Area Renters Federation (yes, SFBARF), is suing the City of Lafayette, a Bay Area suburb of about 25,000, to block plans to build 44 single-family homes on a plot of land once slated for a 315-unit apartment complex. Her argument relies on a three-decade-old California law intended to check local governments’ ability to reduce the density of certain construction projects. Called the Housing Accountability Act, the law has been used successfully by developers of affordable housing who have had their projects blocked, Trauss said, but never by an advocacy group advocating for greater density as a public good.

“Everyone can agree that we should be building more,” she said. “They just want it to be somewhere else.”

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