These 16 Muslims have more Twitter followers than Donald Trump

These 16 Muslims have more Twitter followers than Donald Trump
A man, a belt buckle, and the biggest questions of life. (Image: YouTube video, RightSide News)

Donald Trump is very proud of his social media skills — and rightly so. His mastery of Twitter in the 2016 presidential election has been documented by everyone from the New York Times to the Daily Beast, and he’s been boasting of his 140-character prowess for a long time.

That was three years and 3 million followers ago. The Republican front-runner now boasts 5.1 million and is, at the moment, gaining an average of 12,158 per day, according to Twitter Counter.

But Trump’s Twitter following is a little less impressive than you might think. In fact, the candidate who wants to block all Muslims from entering the United States still lags far behind more than a dozen members of the faith he treats with such suspicion. They are actors, television personalities, scholars and clerics — all better, apparently, at amassing followers than The Donald.

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