The method behind Obama’s madness — and Trump’s

The method behind Obama’s madness — and Trump’s
Malik and Farook in July 2015 exiting customs in California

At a moment that calls for profound sobriety and a realistic assessment of the threat posed by ISIS not only to the good working order of the Middle East and Europe but also to the safety of Americans here at home, everyone and his aunt appear to be going bonkers.

Or are they?

Obama’s effort to reassure Americans by asserting ISIS will be destroyed by the very same tactics which have only strengthened it isn’t crazy. It’s a holding pattern. He spoke to give his own supporters heart, having long given up on the possibility of rallying anyone else.


As for Trump, the purpose of his ludicrous statement was to seize control of the news cycle. On Monday morning, the most serious and substantive poll yet of Iowa, the first state to vote, showed him in second place with 19 percent behind Ted Cruz at 24 percent.



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