FBI puts California terrorist’s dad on watch list

FBI puts California terrorist’s dad on watch list

The 66-year-old father of California jihadist Syed Rizwan Farook was placed on the FBI’s terrorist watch list as investigators expanded their probe to include the killer’s family members and friends, federal law enforcement sources said Monday.

Farook’s dad, who is also named Syed, is being monitored by the FBI because of his son’s terrorist status and his own trips to Pakistan.

The elder Farook came to the United States in 1972 and became a US citizen in 1999.

“Farook, although he is dead, is now officially listed by the FBI as a terrorist,” a federal law enforcement source told The Post. “His father is watch-listed because of his close association to Farook and his extensive ties to Pakistan.”

After the massacre, the elder Farook tried to distance himself from his son, telling reporters, “His views were conservative. My views were liberal.”

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