Coca-Cola pulls ‘racist’ Christmas ad featuring ‘white savior’

Coca-Cola pulls ‘racist’ Christmas ad featuring ‘white savior’

Coca-Cola pulled their new Christmas-themed “Open Your Heart” ad after social justice warriors claimed it was racist and promoted colonialism.

The ad features white teenagers smiling and laughing as they go to a Mexican village, pass out some Coca-Cola, and use the bottle caps to build a wooden Christmas Tree. The Humanity!

Groups representing indigenous people were outraged that Coca-Cola would put out an ad featuring a “white savior.”

“This type of publicity is an act of discrimination and racism. It is a comment on our type of life and an attempt to put a culture of consumerism in its place,” Elvira Pablo, an indigenous lawyer, said at a press conference on Wednesday.

The soft drink company buckled and pulled the ad on Tuesday facing heavy criticism on social media from those who wouldn’t stand for this neo-colonialism.

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