The video of revelers cheering 9/11 that no one got to see

The video of revelers cheering 9/11 that no one got to see

If Donald Trump believes he saw videos of revelers celebrating after the Sept. 11 attacks that in fact never were broadcast, he’s in large company. Many of us believe we recall seeing similar footage of Palestinians living in the West Bank exulting in the wake of the attacks.

But implausible as it sounds, those recollections are faulty, and the actual footage has never been seen, because a major US news organization has kept it under wraps for the last 14 years.

Here are the facts, all of which are matters of public record. On the afternoon of Sept. 11, 2001, thousands of jubilant Palestinians took to the streets, chanting “God is great,” firing automatic weapons and handing out sweets to passers-by. The largest demonstration took place in Nablus in the West Bank, where some 3,000 marchers danced and cheered as guerrillas fired assault rifles and grenades into the air.

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