Instead of ‘gun control,’ how about ‘Muslim control’?

Instead of ‘gun control,’ how about ‘Muslim control’?
Have burqa, will travel. (Image via AINA)

Most of the shootings and decapitations these days are done by Muslims.  Forget gun control.  It leads to giving the advantage to the murderers. Killers don’t care about breaking the law and carrying illegal guns.

Instead of gun control, we should develop Muslim-control.  We should spy on their mosques and encourage the good Muslims to recognize that the terrorists are ruining their lives in their carnage of others.  We should get the peaceful Muslims to rat on the terrorists.

Obama complains about America’s mass killings but not about Muslim mass killings. He has said so many kind things about Muslims that you’d think he was having an affair with an Arab woman. Or an Arab man.

Muslims are both the killers and the weapons.  They are the trigger fingers and the guns.

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