Here’s why Hillary Clinton will finish third in Iowa, behind Sanders and O’Malley

Here’s why Hillary Clinton will finish third in Iowa, behind Sanders and O’Malley

There’s a reason Hillary Clinton finished third in the 2008 Iowa Caucus, behind Barack Obama and John Edwards. In addition to her costly vote supporting the war in Iraq, Clinton has always pleaded “guilty” to being a moderate. It’s this centrism (even when progressive values are now popular throughout the nation) that fuels questions about why she opposed gay marriage or as The Huffington Post writes, accepted“$133,246 to the Ready for Hillary PAC” from major prison lobbyists.

The Iowa Caucus was once labeled as part of the Democratic Party’s “extremes” by Hillary Clinton in a recently disclosed State Department email. However, there’s nothing extreme about championing progressive values, even when they’re not popular. Bernie Sanders has a history defending progressive principles, while Clinton has consistently veered to the right on war, foreign policy, trade, and even marijuana legislation.

There’s also nothing extreme about opposing Keystone XL, but Clinton once supported the pipeline. NBC News writes “she helped lay the foundation for it as secretary of state.” As quoted in The Nation, Clinton was once “inclined” to approve Keystone and even stated, “We’re either going to be dependent on dirty oil from the Gulf or dirty oil from Canada.”

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