Universities have psychotic meltdown over ‘holiday’ decorations

Universities have psychotic meltdown over ‘holiday’ decorations

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Colleges and universities are issuing what they consider to be the “best practices for inclusive holiday celebrations,” to ensure campuses remain politically correct this season.

At Cornell University the beloved tradition of mistletoe is under attack, with the school claiming the parasitic plant, under which lovers are expected to kiss, doesn’t create an “environment of inclusion.” …

Students and staff are encouraged to be “thoughtful in [their] decorating choices” at Ohio State. Greenery, white lights, snowflakes and bows are deemed appropriate. The school, however, would prefer they avoid the colors red and green to convey an “inclusive holiday spirit.”

When holding holiday parties, food should be general and not privilege any religion. Groups should strive for consensus and seek decisions on party themes that “everyone can live with.” …

While specific recommendations were not given at the University of Illinois-Springfield, the school’s Holiday Resources page suggests employers should ensure their Holiday party is not a “Christmas party in disguise” and keep all decoration and food general and nonspecific to religion.

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