Dems not afraid to be anti-gun anymore

Dems not afraid to be anti-gun anymore

Democrats reacted swiftly and angrily to the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif. All three Democratic presidential candidatesweighed in, as did most of the party’s congressional leadership.

Anger is an understandable reaction to learning that innocents have been gunned down. So is fear. But Democrats from President Obama and Hillary Clinton to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid weren’t afraid of renewing calls for gun control when they renewed those calls on Wednesday.

That wouldn’t always have been the case. No, the debate over guns never ended and liberal Democrats were always more likely to call for stricter laws in safe Democratic districts in blueish areas with relatively few gun owners.

Some Democratic leaders believed that gun control measures like the assault weapons ban, signed into law by President Bill Clinton, helped Republicans gain control of Congress. When the ban expired a decade later, Democrats tried to extend it didn’t fight as hard as one might expect. It lapsed.

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