Can a man who specializes in making enemies be elected president?

Can a man who specializes in making enemies be elected president?

[Ed. – Wasn’t one already?]

Ted Cruz is climbing the polls, building a formidable ground game in the early primary states and bringing in more campaign cash than most of his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination.

Yet Cruz is not a broadly popular man. The first-term Texas senator is not only disliked but loathed by Democrats, the media and the establishment of his own party.

A potentially bigger problem for Cruz is that he is eyed warily by some conservatives and GOP-leaning independents. Recent polling shows that even Cruz’s recent rise in the polls is a product of his solidifying support among “very conservative” voters rather than his ability to attract support among other constituencies.

The degree to which Cruz is disliked by so many begs the question: Can a man so adept at making enemies be elected president of the United States?

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