The rich irony of Planned Parenthood condemning murder

The rich irony of Planned Parenthood condemning murder
Credit: 9news

Last Friday’s shooting near a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado, once again ignited the flames of debate on both sides of the political aisle. This time, rather than open a candid and robust debate on abortion, as has often occurred this year, it sparked a figurative “he said/she said.”

Some members of the mainstream media, liberal organizations, and Planned Parenthood, claimed — without facts to support them — the shooter was a right-wing, Center for Medical Progress-video-watching, Republican-voting zealot. It’s still unclear what alleged shooter Robert Lewis Dear’s motives were or even exactly what happened in and around Planned Parenthood and the nearby Chase bank.

Given the fuzzy information available and the sprint by both sides to speculate on the shooter’s political motives, it’s tempting to dismiss the simple but glaring irony Friday’s events demonstrated: An organization that aborts children expressed outrage over a shooter on a murder spree. It provides confirmation for conservatives, a controversy for liberals, and a vital lesson about the value of human life.

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