7 things about flying you’ll wish you didn’t know

7 things about flying you’ll wish you didn’t know

As users on Quora have revealed, some of the things that pilots won’t tell you are the very things you wish you knew.

Sometimes planes become faulty

Although we’d like to think that planes never fail, especially when we’re on board, they actually experience a surprising number of faults.

Reported technical failures have included cockpit power outages, battery failures and even planes being flown with just half of its engines working

The landing may be deliberately bumpy

…There are times when the pilot has to land particularly hard to prevent the plane skidding. In particular, when it’s raining, the plane needs to land hard enough to break the pane of the water on the runway.

However, since almost half of all accidents and fatalities occurs during the landing stages of the flight, you could be right to be worried.

Pilots sleep during the flight

It’s alarming to think that your pilot might be asleep at the same time as you but it does happen.

In 2012, a pilots’ union survey revealed that more than half of the pilots reported that they’ve fallen asleep while flying a plane.

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