Pregnant at 64 – the natural way

Pregnant at 64 – the natural way
Wisdom the Laysan albatross. (Image: USFWS, Klah Walker via Twitter)

[Ed. – Hee.]

The world’s oldest living tracked bird has been spotted back on American soil where she is expected to lay an egg at the ripe old age of 64.

Wisdom, a Laysan albatross, was seen at the Midway Atoll national wildlife refuge with a mate at the weekend following a year’s absence.

She was first tagged in 1956 and has raised at least 36 chicks since then.

Refuge staff said they were humbled and delighted to see her return. …

Laysan albatrosses typically lay an egg a year, spending six months rearing and feeding their young.

They are giants of the sky, with a seven-foot wingspan, helping them forage hundreds of miles out to sea.

That means that over her lifetime Wisdom may travelled as much as six million ocean miles.

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