Trump can’t mock disability, but Obama did, and media yawned

Trump can’t mock disability, but Obama did, and media yawned
Trump deals at campaign rally with heckler Jorge Ramos (Image: Business Insider)

The brazenness of the double standard is increasingly stunning.


Having been caught out with a story from 2001 that did in fact report allegations of Jersey Muslims celebrating 9/11, the issue suddenly becomes Trump mocking the reporter’s disability. Trump immediately issued a statement — refusing to back down.  He said in part that he was “merely mocking the fact that the reporter was trying to pull away from a story that he wrote 14 years ago” and that he was not mocking the reporter’s disability.

Stop right here.

Back there in the pre-historic days of September, 2008, NewsBusters headlined this story by John Stephenson:

Will Media Report Obama’s Mocking of McCain’s Disability?

Yes indeed, it seems that the 2008 Obama campaign had aired a commercial (see here) that mocked Senator John McCain for not using a computer or e-mail. Ignoring this Boston Globe story on McCain’s physical disabilities because of his time as a Vietnam POW. Reported the Globe:

“McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes.”

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