Trump can’t mock disability, but Obama did, and media yawned

Trump can’t mock disability, but Obama did, and media yawned

The brazenness of the double standard is increasingly stunning.


Having been caught out with a story from 2001 that did in fact report allegations of Jersey Muslims celebrating 9/11, the issue suddenly becomes Trump mocking the reporter’s disability. Trump immediately issued a statement — refusing to back down.  He said in part that he was “merely mocking the fact that the reporter was trying to pull away from a story that he wrote 14 years ago” and that he was not mocking the reporter’s disability.

Stop right here.

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Back there in the pre-historic days of September, 2008, NewsBusters headlined this story by John Stephenson:

Will Media Report Obama’s Mocking of McCain’s Disability?

Yes indeed, it seems that the 2008 Obama campaign had aired a commercial (see here) that mocked Senator John McCain for not using a computer or e-mail. Ignoring this Boston Globe story on McCain’s physical disabilities because of his time as a Vietnam POW. Reported the Globe:

“McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes.”

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