The left’s illogical logic of diversity

The left’s illogical logic of diversity

The winning streak enjoyed by campus activists this fall was violently interrupted by the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Some activists were sufficiently annoyed by their ejection from the limelight that they took to Twitter to complain under the hashtag “F***Paris.”

The most obvious irony stemmed from the fact that some of the same protesters who griped about media coverage of their antics — even declaring First Amendment-free zones — suddenly whined when the cameras turned to bloodshed in the heart of Europe.

But there’s a deeper irony. In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, fueled by a cynical media strategy directed by the president himself, the national conversation turned quickly from Barack Obama’s foreign-policy failures to the bigotry and insensitivity of the Republican party. There’s no denying that Donald Trump made this an easy pivot for the Beltway Brahmins. But left unnoticed in the clamor is the dismaying disconnect between the conversation elite liberals want to have and the one being pushed by their left-wing shock troops on the ground.

For instance, on ABC’s This Week, Representative Keith Ellison (D., Minn.) ripped into Republican rhetoric about Syrian refugees, saying that we must have “confidence in who we are as a nation … we need to be adhering to the values that have made this country strong.”

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Meanwhile, back on our campuses, those very values are routinely denounced as little more than “white privilege.”

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