Salon continues trashing Americans: ‘We are the terrorists’

Salon continues trashing Americans: ‘We are the terrorists’

“The real Middle East terrorists? Look in the mirror. We’ll never face it because the media won’t level with us.” That was the sub-header for a Salon piece Saturday, which argued that America is intentionally slaughtering huge numbers of innocent civilians, and the “compliant media” is covering up the truth.

Titled “‘Sorry we killed your family’: We are the terrorists in the Middle East, and our compliant media will never tell the truth,” the piece accused the United States of engaging in “Western terrorism.” The article’s author, Dana E. Abizaid, suggests that America is intentionally killing journalists, hospital workers and Red Cross personnel, among countless other innocent civilians in the Middle East.

Saturday’s article is just the latest effort from Salon to argue that Americans are either the cause of terrorism or the terrorists themselves.

Two weeks ago, the day after Islamic extremists killed 130 people in Paris, Salon ran a piece titled “Our terrorism double standard: After Paris, let’s stop blaming Muslims and take a hard look at ourselves.”

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