Climate summiteers won’t be considering obvious solution of faking ‘volcano effects’

Climate summiteers won’t be considering obvious solution of faking ‘volcano effects’

[Ed. – And according to the author, this demonstrates that “humanity is in a strange place.”  What is it about climate alarmism that robs people of all their faculties?]

There’s a cheap, quick, dirty, and controversial way to combat global warming that isn’t on the agenda of the United Nations climate summit in Paris, which runs from Nov. 30 to Dec. 11. It involves replicating the planet-cooling effect of a volcanic eruption. When Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines blew in 1991, its emissions briefly reversed most of the global warming that had occurred since the start of the Industrial Revolution. The idea is to mimic Pinatubo by using a fleet of modified business jets to inject fine droplets of sulfuric acid into the stratosphere, where they would combine with water vapor to form fine sulfate particles that reflect sunlight away from the earth. …

Critics’ biggest worry: It would be perceived as a get-out-of-jail-free card for the planet. If pausing global warming is as easy as sending a fleet of modified Gulfstream G650s into the stratosphere with payloads of sulfuric acid, the weak pressure to cut back on emissions of greenhouse gases might get even weaker. That’s why you won’t find it mentioned on the agenda of the Paris summit, a major event that’s expected to draw 45,000 people from more than 190 countries.

This leaves humanity in a strange place. An effective but flawed technique for stopping global warming is shunted aside while negotiators try to fix the problem the right way, through cutting emissions.

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