Feds sued for $10 million for allegedly losing JFK assassination film

Feds sued for $10 million for allegedly losing JFK assassination film

Just this week, the 52nd anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy went by quietly in America. Besides the famous Abraham Zapruder film that is often shown in many JFK assassination documentaries and was used throughout the film JFK, there is another film from Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas that was shot on November 22, 1963, which captured John F. Kennedy’s assassination from another angle. It was shot by a man named Orville Nix and his film has also been used in several documentaries. Now, one of his descendants, Gayle Nix Jackson, has filed suit in federal court, charging that the federal government has allegedly “lost” the original footage taken by her grandfather.

Mrs. Jackson is suing the United States and the National Archives and Records Administration for $10 million.

Nix’s film footage was taken from the left side of the presidential motorcade and captures the moment that JFK was struck with the fatal headshot, as well as a fairly clear view of the area where many have theorized that another shooter was stationed, the infamous grassy knoll.

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