Before attempt, White House fence-jumper wrote to friends about dying

Before attempt, White House fence-jumper wrote to friends about dying
(Image courtesy Vanessa Pena via Breitbart)

D.C. Superior Court Judge Errol R. Arthur ordered the suspect, Joseph Anthony Caputo, 23, to undergo an emergency psychiatric evaluation at St. Elizabeths Hospital. His case will be transferred to U.S. District Court on Monday, and it will be handled by federal authorities.

Caputo, who lives in Stamford, Conn., is charged with making an illegal entry to restricted grounds, which carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison. …

The court document said that when he was arrested, he was carrying the flag, a flash drive designed to mimic the shield carried by the comic book character Captain America, a pocket guide to the U.S. Constitution and weightlifting gloves. It appears that he was wearing the gloves as he scaled the fence.

According to the court documents, Caputo told the arresting uniformed Secret Service officer, Lt. Ken Matthews: “I love my country. I knew I would be locked up.”

But the friends Caputo had been visiting since Monday showed police a note “that clearly contemplated that Caputo planned to die” on Thursday. The court documents said it read in part: “Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around us who transform in the Force.” Police also said that he left a will at his mother’s Connecticut home and made an audio message warning her “that something will happen” and that he “may or may not be able to see her again.”

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