Why did Amazon plaster New York subway, buses with Nazi imagery?

Why did Amazon plaster New York subway, buses with Nazi imagery?

New Yorkers boarding buses and subway trains were surprised with a wall of Axis Powers propaganda, courtesy of Amazon, on Monday.

The e-commerce giant is promoting its new show Man in the High Castle — an alternate-history period piece that takes place in an America ruled by Nazi Germany and imperial Japan — by blanketing symbols of the two fascist governments across buses, subway trains and online ads, as first reported by Gothamist.

While the company seems to have stopped short of plastering actual swastikas around New York’s public transportation system — at least from the pictures Mashable has seen of the ads — the campaign prominently features an emblem that resembles the Nazi iron cross within an American Flag as well as well as a variation of the Rising Sun flag used by the World War II-era Japanese empire.

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