Iconic feminist author wonders if ISIS is ever ‘celebratory and joyous’

Iconic feminist author wonders if ISIS is ever ‘celebratory and joyous’

[Ed. – No, dear.  People who cut off heads and gang-rape women and children to pass the time aren’t capable of being celebratory and joyous.  Didn’t your mother teach you that?  Bonus point:  if there were any way in which ISIS could be characterized as a phenomenon of the political right, Oates wouldn’t even have asked this question.  She would instead diagnose the very same ISIS patterns as incorrigible pathologies, and assume the worst without posing open-ended questions.]

If ever proof positive were needed that the intelligentsia can be idiots, Joyce Carol Oates just served up a gigantic Exhibit A. On Sunday, she sent out the following tweet:

All we hear of ISIS is puritanical & punitive; is there nothing celebratory & joyous? Or is query naive?

I don’t know if Ms. Oates is suffering from a recent mental disorder or if this is indicative of her baseline state of mind. Either way, the woman seems to be vying for the Useful Idiot (and then some) Award of the Year.

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This pathetic excuse for a thinking person not only wonders about the good qualities of savages who behead people, who put people in cages and burn them alive, who enslave and rape women, who dismember children, who crucify people, who cage and drown people, who run people over with tanks, who murder, maim, destroy, and threaten, and who are committing genocide against Christians in the Middle East. But she is compelled to try to balance unthinkable evil with something good.

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