Princeton, don’t erase Woodrow Wilson’s name

Princeton, don’t erase Woodrow Wilson’s name
Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University

Princeton University President Christopher Eisgruber’s decision to capitulate to student protesters, and initiate processes to expunge Woodrow Wilson’s name and image from campus buildings is an affront to history. For Princeton, the university that Wilson led for eight years, to take the lead in warping Wilson into a historical monster amounts to an abdication of its role as an institution of higher learning.

One need not be a fan of Wilson’s to acknowledge that he is one of America’s most consequential presidents. He played a pivotal role in passing the constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote. He created the Federal Reserve and instituted the first federal progressive income tax. He crafted the antitrust law that empowers the federal government to block corporate mergers and prevent monopolies, and established the Federal Trade Commission to enforce it.

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