There is nothing ‘compassionate’ about Obama’s refugee policy

There is nothing ‘compassionate’ about Obama’s refugee policy

We live in a morally upside-down world. At one stroke, President Obama — the man who has presided over and, through his profound weakness, facilitated one of the worst humanitarian disasters of modern times — has suddenly and aggressively tried to claim the “compassionate” high ground by making a dangerous offer to take in an insignificant fraction of the refugees his policies have helped create. Yet sadly enough, millions of well-intentioned Americans are falling for this craven and cynical political stunt.

Let’s begin with a quiz. How do you define compassion? In the face of a jihadist blitzkrieg, do you refuse to take decisive military action (including providing substantial aid to proven allies)? Refuse to create safe havens? Allow allies to be overrun with refugees, provide insufficient material support to make their lives sustainable, and then preen over your offer to admit less than a third of a percent of them into your country?

Moreover, is it compassionate to your countrymen — the people you’ve sworn to protect — to admit those refugees when you know that ISIS has plans to embed jihadists among them, and that our Middle Eastern vetting processes have failed so thoroughly they’ve cost hundreds of American lives?

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