Caitlin Jenner, ISIS, and Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy

Caitlin Jenner, ISIS, and Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy

It’s an odd world. Glamour magazine recently named the former Bruce Jenner as its Woman of the Year. In all respectable circles, she is of course now recognized as Caitlyn Jenner, after coming out as a woman. In this context, coming out is simply to be understood as an act of self-declaration. If a person self-identifies as X, Y or Z, then he, she, ze or hir has to be what he, she, ze or hir professes to be. If it’s a nightmare for grammarians, just think of the chaos in biology departments.

Considering that there are roughly three-billion women on the planet, Glamour must at least be congratulated for finding so singular an exemplar of their virtues. The award was not received without some comment from prominent feminist voices, including that of Germaine Greer. The icon, polemicist and author of The Female Eunuch came down hard, not so much on Jenner personally, but on the captivating ethos that, in certain quarters, governs how people regard such matters — especially on the notion that self-declaration is not something to be “contested.” And when Greer swings, it’s usually for the outfield: “I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that won’t turn me into a fucking cocker spaniel,” she said.


Which brings me to Hillary Clinton.

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