Yale planning to add ‘climate fees’ to tuition cost

Yale planning to add ‘climate fees’ to tuition cost
Credit: AP

The price of carbon dioxide emissions could be the next thing to drive up the cost of a university education, as Ivy Leaguers at Yale plan to set precedent by becoming the first school in the U.S. to enact a campus-wide “carbon charge” after signing a pledge at the White House earlier this week.

More than 200 universities attended a White House climate change summit Thursday to sign a pledge on taking steps to transition to a low-carbon economy and reduce the effects of global warming. Many scientists blame greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide, for raising the Earth’s temperature, causing more severe weather, droughts and coastal flooding.

President Obama has been enlisting academic institutions and businesses to reduce their carbon emissions in the runup to a major United Nations climate conference in Paris Nov. 30. Obama intends to agree to a deal there that would commit the U.S. to reducing its emissions 26-28 percent by 2030.

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