Poll: Support for Jeb Bush may be nearing 0%

Poll: Support for Jeb Bush may be nearing 0%
Image: YouTube screen grab

The most recent polling is the worst yet for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.  A University of Massachusetts poll, with a 6.4 percent margin of error, has Bush at just 3 percent.   That is within the margin of error of the poll.  Which means his actual support statistically could be closer to zero.

Even worse for the Bush campaign is that this poll is not an outlier.

A look at the Real Clear Politics polling shows that Bush has been trending downward.  In two of the last three polls used by RCP, Bush garnered only 4 percent support.

At the beginning of September Bush had a RCP polling average of 9 percent nationally. Today, a month and a half later he is at 5.2 percent.   Despite spending $24 million in ads, Jeb is continuing to crater.

There are some folks on Twitter offering Jeb advice.  Including some interesting post campaign offers.

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