Iranian regime media: ISIS attacks in West a false-flag plot by America to send our army to Middle East

Iranian regime media: ISIS attacks in West a false-flag plot by America to send our army to Middle East
(Image: IRNA via Gatestone Institute)

[Ed. – Either they’re just making whipped cream here, or they really don’t get it with Obama.  He may have aided in the rise of ISIS, but that guy ain’t sendin’ any army anywhere.]

One of the leading daily newspapers in Iran, Kayhan, which is affiliated with the Supreme Leader Sayeed Ali Khamenei, is reporting that ISIS, or the Islamic State, is “a tool” of the United States and Israel and that the attacks in Paris were “a plot” to open the way for a Western army to to set down in Syria and remove President Bashar al-Assad.

As translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Kayhan’s Editor Hossein Shariatmadari wrote on Nov. 15 that “ISIS elements are not the good soldiers of Iran and Hizbullah, who defend the innocent with their bodies. Rather, they are people with no sense, cultivated by the Zionists, Americans, British, French, and Saudis, and will attack anywhere there is an opportunity. … The French are paying for the crimes of their ministers.” …

The Islamic State operates “as a tool of the White House, the Élysée, Buckingham Palace, and Tel Aviv, with funds from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, and their servants Turkey and Jordan, and carry out the plans of the U.S.,” stated the Kayhan editorial on Nov. 17.

In the Nov. 19 editorial, it reads, “Saying that the Paris event was a plot to dispatch an army to the Middle East and destroy ‘the resistance’ is not that baseless, especially if we recall that the U.S. project regarding the Middle East began with the events of 9/11 but has remained unfinished. If we agree that the Paris event was a plot … then it is possible that France itself has become a pawn.”

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