Surprise: Since nuclear deal, Iran’s uranium stockpile has grown

Surprise: Since nuclear deal, Iran’s uranium stockpile has grown

President Obama’s terrible Iran deal — opposed by a bipartisan majority in Congress and the electorate — is off to quite a start. Over the last two-plus months, the regime has imposed a sham conviction upon a Washington Postjournalist, detained another American citizen, released five top-level Al Qaeda prisoners, and test fired a long-range ballistic missile in violation of international law — including the new agreement.  Fortunately for Tehran, the Obama administration long ago severed nuclear pact talks from any Western concerns about Iran’s human rights abuses and material support for terrorism, with Sec. Kerry even asserting that breaches of the deal’s arms embargo- and missile program-related clauses would not constitute an actionable contravention of the overall agreement.  Late yesterday, Reuters reported a new, inauspicious detail:

If this revelation feels familiar, that’s because it should.  Having allegedly “frozen” enrichment during negotiations with the West, it was revealed in June that the regime’s nuclear stockpile had increased by approximately 20 percent over an 18-month period, a development shrugged off by the White House.  The president told Congress earlier this year that Iran’s enrichment had been “halted” and its stockpile “reduced.”  Not so.  Here we go again.  New details from Business Insider:

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