No, Trump didn’t propose to register all Muslims

No, Trump didn’t propose to register all Muslims

[Ed. – Media misrepresenting things once again.]

There are stories all over the Drive-By Media — the Associated Press, Yahoo News, I mean, it’s everywhere — that Donald Trump supposedly is calling for the registration of all Muslims in America. Trump is demanding that they all be registered and that a massive database be collected.  CNN is all over reporting this. Even the Wall Street Journal has picked up on it.  There’s a problem, though:  Trump didn’t say it.  I’m gonna tell you what happened.  At a recent public appearance Trump’s coming off the stage after one of his usual one hour to 90-minute appearances.

He’s probably worn out and spent, and there’s the usual crowd of autograph seekers and supporters and fans, and amongst them is a Drive-By Media reporter who says to Trump, “Should there be a database system that tracks the Muslims that are in this country?”  Trump says, “There should be a lot of systems, beyond databases.  We should have a lot of systems, and today you can do it. But right now we have to have a border.  We have to have strength, we have to have a wall, and we cannot let what’s happening to this country happen again.”  Reporter:  “Is that something your White House would like to implement?”

There’s no specificity there.  The question is just, “Is that something your White House would like to implement?”  Trump has given a multifaceted answer.  He [the reporter] says, “Is that something,” without specifying what he’s asking about.  Trump said, “Oh, I would certainly implement that, absolutely,” and that’s how they report that Trump “demands a database and registration for all Muslims,” when he didn’t say it! He never said it.  It’s a Journalism 101 trick.  It’s right out of the manual they teach you at the first year of journalism school in how to destroy political opponents or powerful people you don’t like.

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