Bombing ISIS won’t make Paris safer – jobs for European Muslims will

Bombing ISIS won’t make Paris safer – jobs for European Muslims will
First responders near the Stade de France, early in the incident on 13 Nov. (Image via Le Figaro)

[Ed. – Frum is almost making a point — and then, bam! with the jobs-program panacea.]

Bomb ISIS. Go ahead. They deserve it. It certainly satisfies the primal need for visible retaliation after the Paris attacks. It may even do some good in the struggle against terrorism in Europe. Some—but probably not very much.

The enemy against which France and Europe are struggling is not centered in Syria. It receives examples and inspiration from Syria. It travels to Syria for practice and training. But it arises and is formed at home, inside Europe. It threatened Europe long before ISIS ever took shape. In 1995, for example, Khaled Kelkal, a young Algerian raised in France, played a central role in a campaign by members of Algeria’s Armed Islamic Group to place bombs at commuter rail stations, at the Arc de Triomphe, and—in a familiar pattern—at a Jewish school. The bombing campaign killed eight people and wounded hundreds more. …

For Europe, the terrorists are already “over here”: They are among the children and grandchildren of the immigrants of the 1980s and 1990s, now endowed with the rights and liberties of citizens. For jihadists, would-be jihadists, and their sympathizers, Islam has evolved from a religion into a group identity and a system of belief that legitimates violence against state and society. …

If enlarging the anti-ISIS war in Syria won’t help, what might?

1) Focus on jobs first.

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