News photographer’s tripod mistaken for gun, prompts police action

News photographer’s tripod mistaken for gun, prompts police action
Credit: Facebook

A person called Lancaster city police about 11 a.m. Wednesday to report seeing a person carrying what they thought was a machine gun into the Griest building, according to Industrial Resolution’s Facebook post and police.

Instead, it was a photographer’s tripod. But it lead to a floor-by-floor search of the building until they located — on the 10th floor — the tripod.

Three police officers then posed for a photo posted to Industrial Resolution’s page.

Police don’t track mistaken weapons calls, but Lt. Todd Umstead said they don’t happen much.

He said the caller did the right thing.

“The citizen who reported this was doing what every citizen should do ALL the time — be vigilant and report suspicious activity,” Umstead said in an email.

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