Kasich’s ‘Obamacare’ expansion expands faster than state economy

Kasich’s ‘Obamacare’ expansion expands faster than state economy

[Ed. – Let’s be clear.  The “Obamacare” expansion in Ohio is a MEDICAID expansion in Ohio.  It’s not bringing in paying beneficiaries of health insurance.]

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s Obamacare expansion shattered enrollment projections in its first year, and reliance on the welfare program keeps growing.

There were 634,526 Ohioans enrolled in the Obamacare expansion in September — an increase of more than 140,000 since January — according to the Ohio Department of Medicaid.

For the 21 months Kasich’s Obamacare expansion has been in effect, the program has grown much faster than Ohio’s economy.

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Most of the Ohioans on Medicaid under the expansion are working-age adults without children or disabilities. Before Obamacare, Medicaid was restricted to children, the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women and impoverished families. …

In May testimony before the Ohio Senate, the Kasich administration reported only 43 percent of Ohio’s Obamacare expansion enrollees have jobs.

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