Chris Hayes accidentally tells truth about abortion

Chris Hayes accidentally tells truth about abortion

On MSNBC Monday night, Chris Hayes was discussing Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson in a segment with guest McKay Coppins, and he said something that he definitely didn’t mean to say. Whether the slip was Freudian or not we leave to you, but he definitely stated something that millions of people around the world wholeheartedly agree with.

It’s very hard to get through an interview in which [Carson] doesn’t compare something either to the Third Reich and Hitler, or abortion, right, these sort of touchstones of human evil.

Touchstones of human evil is pretty much exactly how Ben Carson would describe those two things. It is how many Americans and particularly conservative Americans would describe abortion, though not so much how you would expect Chris Hayes to describe. But touchstone of evil is also certainly what Dr. Carson, conservative Americans, and Chris Hayes all together would say about the institution of slavery, which is apparently what Hayes meant to say, as seen in this exchange with Tommy Christopher of The Daily Banter, who first noticed the “slip.”

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