Go after parents who give guns to their mentally ill kids

Go after parents who give guns to their mentally ill kids
Chris Harper-Mercer on MySpace.

In nearly every state, it’s illegal for bartenders to serve booze to drunken patrons.

If they do and that drunk then gets behind the wheel and ends up killing or injuring someone, the server and/or the bar owner can be charged criminally and held responsible for damages civily.

That is, of course, the civil thing to do. After all, one third of all traffic fatalities in the United States (12,000 a year) are caused by impaired drivers.

But parents who give their kids “long guns” — rifles or shotguns? They’re good to go.

And if those kids are deranged sociopaths or on psychiatric drugs — which can lead to homicidal tendencies — but have never been involuntarily committed or been formally determined by a court to be mentally ill? Still good to go.

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