Bill Clinton: Donald Trump is a ‘master brander’

Bill Clinton: Donald Trump is a ‘master brander’
Credit: Matt Rourke/AP

“If someone isn’t voting for her because of his record then they probably weren’t voting for her in the first place”.

He also noted to Hillary’s work on the new START treaty with Russian Federation and her efforts to expand the number beneficiaries of George W. Bush’s anti-AIDS program – “President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief”, or PEPFAR – from 1.7 million people to 5.1 million. “I’m not saying there aren’t legitimatequestions to be asked and answered here by Secretary Clinton and her lawyers”, O’Malley told CNN’s Jake Tapper. The so-called consulting firm known as Teneo Strategies is run by Douglas Band who once served as a special adviser to President Bill Clinton. While covering up his sex scandal in January 1998, Clinton denied having had an affair and expressed his fury about all the questions. “You’re seeing history repeat itself”. She knows you’re all eager for her to get to work for the American people and all that, butjust take it down a notch, okay? The facts, Clinton said, “will be easier to marshal” in the general election. The letter mentions the two paid positions with the now infamous Clinton Foundation and a consulting firm called Teneo Strategies that is also tied to former President Bill Clinton. This is not this is a contact sport.

He added: “As the field winnows down, I hope it will be more, get more serious”. This week will be jam-packed for Mr. Clinton.

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