Tweeps: Russian jet shot down during engagement with Turkish jets near Aleppo

Tweeps: Russian jet shot down during engagement with Turkish jets near Aleppo
A MiG-29 fighter-interceptor of the Southern Military District; file photo. (Image: Russian AviaPhoto Team, Max Bryansky via

[Ed. – Initial cut:  seems unlikely.  It’s not impossible; it’s a little less unlikely that the MiG-29s were Syrian.  Experienced observers made credible observations about the overall event, so it shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.  Watch this space.]

A RUSSIAN jet has been shot down by Turkish forces after it flew into the country’s airspace, according to as yet unconfirmed reports circulating on social media.

Eyewitnesses saw a large explosion in Huraytan, northern Syria, while three fighter jets were hovering above.

One journalist [David Cenicotti, AKA “The Aviationist” – Ed.]  tweeted that three Turkish planes were responding to “mysterious” lock-ons from Mig-29 jets, which are used by Putin’s forces. has contacted the Turkish government and the Russian military but neither could be reached for comment.

It comes amid heightening tensions between Putin and the West just days after another Russian bomber violated Turkish airspace.

F-16 fighters were scrambled after a MIG-29 twin-engined jet locked radar on Turkish planes near the town of Yayladagi, in Hatay province close to the border with Syria.

Turkish jets then escorted the Soviet-era aircraft back into Syrian airspace.

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