Is there anything more patriotic than the left’s tradition of protest?

Is there anything more patriotic than the left’s tradition of protest?

[Ed. – He’s talking about the UK, but the sentiment could just as easily come from an Obama sycophant (or Obama himself).]

The left hate their own country: that’s been a slander of the right ever since the nation state became a thing. The haters of tradition; the exponents of the idea that everything is wrong about the country and nothing right; the servants and apologists of foreign powers; you get the gist….

The left is rightly internationalist. It sees the problems and injustices that scar – and define – our society as transcending national borders, and impossible to solve in one country alone. It wants to bring working people together, wherever they are, because as multinational corporations globalise, labour has to globalise too if it is to be an effective counterweight to the concentration of wealth and power….

What is more loving of one’s own country than wanting to rid it of injustice? What is more patriotic than wanting the majority to have a fairer share of the country’s wealth and success? And conversely: what is patriotic about wanting British supermarket workers and lollipop ladies to pay for the greed and error of a tiny elite by slashing their tax credits? What is patriotic about leaving hundreds of thousands of citizens of one of the wealthiest countries that has ever existed to depend on food banks in order to feed themselves?

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