Is gun control racist?

Is gun control racist?

Among the many things that have troubled me about the current debate about gun regulation is how black Leftists seem ignorant of the connection between racism and gun control laws. It is troubling to me to see so many black folk beating the drum for (let’s face it) the confiscation of guns. Gun control was born in the racist and oppressive effort to disarm black people and prevent them from protecting themselves. And frankly, not much has changed.


Thumbing through the history of this country, one doesn’t find gun control laws until the late 18th century and those laws were aimed specifically at keeping guns (and anything that could be used as a weapon) out of the hands of black people – both slave and free….

Following the Civil War, in order to pass muster with the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment, laws were neutrally written, but were specifically aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of the local black citizenry. You see, rather than cower in the corner waiting for white folks to save them, when night riders rode up to cause trouble, black people protected their lives and property, by shooting back. White politicians protected their racist partners by enacting local laws that sought to protect terrorists by disarming their black victims.

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