Dr. Carson and the ungracious, pouting women of ‘The View’

Dr. Carson and the ungracious, pouting women of ‘The View’

Let me just dive into the deep end, and at the risk of most likely being called a misogynist, comment on the four hosts of The View on Tuesday, October 6.

The big story circulating is that Dr. Ben Carson stood for life and did so in his ever-humble yet implacable manner. Having seen the good Doctor Carson up close at the Values Voter Summit (and I mean close, perhaps 24″ thanks to his amenable protective detail), I can attest to his humility and kindness.

But there is another story concerning this episode of The View that must be told, and perhaps, being a woman, I’ll venture to tell that story.

It’s a sad tale of five grown women acting like petulant spoiled brats. Watching the video, the hatred and tantrum-ready mindset is all too apparent on the faces of Whoopi Goldberg, Michelle Collins, Joy Behar, Raven-Symone, and Paula Faris. To their credit, Michelle and Paula said very little and remained respectfully composed.

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