Art. 32 recommendation for Bergdahl: Special court-martial (i.e., lighter punishment)

Art. 32 recommendation for Bergdahl: Special court-martial (i.e., lighter punishment)

[Ed. – Huh?  The limited punitive authority of a special court-martial basically means the Article 32 officer thinks the charges are too stiff.  This sounds like an attempt to split the baby.  We’ll see what Commander FORSCOM does.  Note: some of the MSM outlets are garbling this, seeming to suggest that the Article 32 recommendation is actually NJP.  It’s not]

The officer in charge of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s Article 32 hearing has recommended that the soldier accused of desertion avoid jail time for his actions, according to Bergdahl’s civil defense attorney.

Lt. Col. Mark Visger’s report to Gen. Robert Abrams, the head of Army Forces Command who is in charge of the case, also will advise that the matter be decided at a special court-martial, lawyer Eugene Fidell told Army Times on Saturday, confirming reports in other media outlets. Soldiers facing special courts-martial can receive no more than a year in jail and no worse than a bad-conduct discharge; punishments regarding hard labor and pay forfeiture have similar restrictions.

Visger also recommended Bergdahl not face a punitive discharge for his alleged actions, Fidell said. A memo from Bergdahl’s defense team to Visger regarding the report — released late Friday by Fidell to media members — said the officer’s recommendations didn’t go far enough and requested nonjudicial punishment, better known as an Article 15, instead of a special court-martial.

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