High school students revolt after principal cancels ‘America Pride Day’

High school students revolt after principal cancels ‘America Pride Day’
America remembers. (Image via ABC 7 LA)

Jackson Hole High School administrators canceled the homecoming tradition of America Day this year, but many students still donned their red, white and blue on Wednesday.

The senior class and many juniors protested Activities Director Mike Hansen’s decision to put a stop to the tradition by wrapping American flags around their shoulders, sporting shorts with stars and stripes and even driving a diesel truck around the parking lot waving American flags after school.

Hansen said he was worried the event made some students feel shut out.

Parents took to social media to show their support for the civilly disobedient students and disparage the school’s “political correctness.”

“It’s homecoming week and our school administration thought it was too ‘offensive’ to have an America Pride Day! So this is my kids answer to that!” Ted Dawson said with a Facebook post of his kids adorned in patriotic colors. “Where have we gone so wrong! I don’t care what race or religion you are, you live here, benefit from the schools, enjoy tax benefits or whatever — your [sic] an American or at least you better be!”

Hansen said he wasn’t against the school supporting patriotism, but after meeting with the student council and hearing comments he saw that a number of students didn’t feel American and felt “targeted and singled out by this day.”

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