Guns and lies

Guns and lies
(Image: AP, Seth Wenig via Breitbart)

E. J. Dionne Jr. writes:

News flash: No law will ever solve every problem or create heaven on Earth. But it is a straight-out lie to assert that stronger gun laws make no difference. Here is the conclusion of a study released in August by National Journal: “The states that impose the most restrictions on gun users also have the lowest rates of gun-related deaths, while states with fewer regulations typically have a much higher death rate from guns.”

Dionne’s Washington Post colleague Glenn Kessler fact-checked the president’s citation of this same study and gave him “two Pinocchios.” Hans Bader has more on the flaws and limits of that study:

[I]n its discussions of “Concealed Carry” and “Background Checks,” the National Journal deletes these states from its charts comparing pro-gun and anti-gun states by “Gun-related homicides per 100,000 people, by state (2013).”

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