What feminists did when urged to #PissforEquality

What feminists did when urged to #PissforEquality
(Image via Twitter)

[Ed. – They were responding to a hoax, in this case.  But I think the real point is that it’s equally imbecilic to do this when it isn’t a hoax.]

This is gross. And also sad. Progressivism continues its inevitable descent into complete parody.

According to Right Wing News, a few n’er do wellers on 4chan had a brilliant idea: see if they could convince people to, “publicly piss/sh*t their pants in the name of ‘Equality?’”

For these types of things to work, pranksters start a hashtag usually by attaching it to other well trafficked ones, then the intended marks take it from there.

#PissForEquality is not first outlandish hashtag used to successfully troll self-described feminists.  Last year, 4chan started the #EndFathersDay hashtag, but with even better trollistic success.

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